Life After Teaching English Abroad

Guest post by Stacia Bach Picking up the pieces of my life after teaching English abroad took time. I spent my first three months home binge-watching Netflix and absorbing tabloids. I returned from Seoul, a cosmopolitan city of nearly 10 million, to an economically depressed town of 35,000. Fortunately, Korea had imprinted itself on me, … Read more

Why You Should Teach English Abroad

why you should teach abroad

Teaching English abroad is a wonderful opportunity to gain life experience, learn more about the world, and grow professionally. To be specific, this job enables individuals to build a solid set of skills that are necessary for success in today’s dynamic . . .

Gap Year Abroad

gap year abroad

Should I take a gap year abroad? Why take a gap year? These are common questions that people ask themselves when initially considering a gap year abroad. If you love traveling but want to take that experience to another level, you should seriously consider taking a gap year abroad.

Moving to Korea: Travel Tips

moving to Korea

Going to another country requires a lot of planning and preparation. To make your transition as smooth as possible, it’s important to arrive at your destination with everything that you need. Below are some things to keep in mind before moving to South Korea.  Money It’s a good idea to take anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000 … Read more

Teach Business English in Korea

teach business English

Contrary to popular belief, not all English teaching happens strictly in the typical classroom setting. In the world of ESL, numerous positions straddle the line between education and other disciplines or industries. Teaching business English in Korea, for example, is notably different from other ESL jobs. Since most of the students are business professionals, the … Read more

Why You Should Work Abroad

work abroad

International experience has never been a more valuable asset in the workforce. As the speed of globalization accelerates, the need for cultural flexibility has become increasingly crucial. Living abroad is the most effective way to immerse yourself in a completely different culture and develop a unique skillset that any organization would deem invaluable, irrespective of industry.

Escape the Rat Race: Save Money Teaching Abroad

teach English in Korea

Most people want to escape the rat race and move to a place far, far away. In reality, very few will actually ever do it. But what if I told you that it was a lot easier than you think? I think more people would take the leap if they could just get past the … Read more

Cell Phone Service in Korea

cell phone service Korea

Let’s get straight to the point: everyone needs a cell phone—most likely a smartphone—while living abroad. Therefore, you should know your options when it comes to getting cell phone service in Korea. Basically, most people end up in a situation with two options: 1) bring your own phone or 2) buy a phone in Korea. … Read more

Teach English Abroad: University Jobs in Korea

university jobs korea

Teaching English abroad has become more popular than ever. And while there is a panoply of employment options to consider, university positions in South Korea remain some of the most coveted jobs among foreign English teachers—and for good reason. The perks and benefits of university jobs seem unusually generous compared to those typically offered in … Read more

Getting a Non-teaching Job in Korea

getting a non teaching job in Korea

Getting a non-teaching job in Korea is difficult, but not impossible. Here are some tips related to the process that can help you better navigate this area. Seek, apply, wait What’s the process? The process: Search often, search long, search hard Apply to as many jobs as possible Wait. . . it can be a … Read more